Mbilia Bel – Napika

    3 Mai

    Mbilia Bel – Napika

    A song of Ley Rochereau, sang by M’bilia Bel, and taken from the “Beyanga


    This is what the song is saying (The main ideas ONLY)

    I did not play in childhood. Nor did I go out to hug out with friends. But now many are wondering about what is happening to me. They just can’t believe to see me seriously in love.
    Mothias you should know that I always go out in the open. I don’t do any thing in hiding. Many can’t believe the quite girl that I use to be could be so deep in love with you.
    I know in myself that you and I will stay until death do us apart. I also know in myself that I’m a capable wife and trustworthy. I will respect you my man because this marriage is a grace.


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